New Normal Protocol

  1. Every guest will be checked for temperature upon arrival, recording body temperature of 38 degrees Celsius or higher, and / or are displaying respiratory symptoms are to seek immediate medical attention, and should not be allowed on tour.
  2. Both employees and guests are required to wear appropriate face mask.
  3. Munduk Wilderness will provide hand sanitisers and wash basin at all interaction points at the premises. Our guides will take along hand sanitisers during tour, be available to guests to use it.
  4. Personal hygiene of our employees is to be observed, and safe distancing should be practiced at all times possible.
  5. Cleaning & disinfection should be applied to the following: All public areas such as reception, restaurant, toilets, bathrooms are conducted a minimum of twice a day. All buggies, helmets, protecting gears are cleaned and disinfected at the end of the tour daily.
  6. Minimize queue on tour registration.
  7. Limitation to Number of passengers per day is 16 people, and maximum 4 people on tour in one go.
  8. Meals for our employees is limited packed meals. No buffet meal for the guests.
  9. During meals, table and distancing parameter is a minimum 1-meter distance except for groups or family who wish to be seated together.
  10. Physical markers and / or guide is to be displayed accordingly.
  11. Munduk Wilderness prepares a Standard Response Procedures for any suspected cases, that should include: Quarantine area / room, contact local government centres for Covid-19, supporting records for contact tracing and a procedure for cleaning and disinfection all exposed areas.